Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thatching dollhouses.......?

I was looking for ideas to thatch my cottage dollhouse roof and I did manage to find some instructions which have pictures here using coconut fiber which seems to be a fairly reasonable material to use to get an "authentic" look.

The only thing is that they suggest using a silicone caulk which is so smelly. I would definitely go outdoors if I was going to use that method. To me using silicone for a dollhouse is overkill. They do suggest using Aleene's Thick White Tacky glue which I find invaluable for crafting but that is just my humble opinion:)

I also found one site that suggested using fake fur which sounded good but I didn't like the look of it.......maybe a different type of fake fur?

I saw a suggestion of using Shredded Wheat to thatch a roof but I won't go there......think mealy bugs and mold and whatever....eeek!

This blog has a dollhouse in progress.......a bit wild looking but I think it will probably look good when it's finished.
This is's on a roof in Bexley, UK......a little dog:)

I have been here......

.........this thatched roof cottage was the home of Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway and is in the village of Shottery, in Warkwickshire, England. It's quite a big house with 12 rooms and is in the Tudor style of architecture. I love the timber framing.  When you are in the upper rooms you can hear small birds rustling about in the thatching......little chirps. Possibly not to everyone's taste but I loved it. And, it has the most beautiful garden.......really lovely.

Well, I'm off to do more cottage viewing:)

Take care.


  1. Hi Mary Ann, i saw your comment on another blog and noticed your were from Ontario i too am from Ontario just outside of Windsor your blog is very cute. I make handcrafted jewelry,there are not too many i follow from Canada so i though it would be nice to follow you i look foward to your posts i just love the little mouse in your profile picture ttfn EH! Lana

  2. Cool! I have a miniature replica of William Shakespeares house by Lilliput Lane. :)


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