Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dollhouses and such....

If you check out my complete profile you'll see that I like dollhouses and of course dollhouse miniatures.

I don't have a proper dollhouse at the moment but I'm working on it as I have a few miniatures that need a home.  I have a kit for a small cottage which has a porch which is very sweet. I was thinking of making it a Miss Marple type cottage.......maybe with a thatched roof:)

Years ago I had a Beacon Hill dollhouse kit that I started but I never finished it. For some reason I just couldn't get into working on it. I think because it was too big and I really didn't have the space. Plus the wood that it was made of was very poor quality and it splintered a lot.

This is what it would have looked like finished ........
I know that the picture looks fabulous but the reality wasn't. If you ever decide to buy a dollhouse kit go to a store that sells them and look at the quality of the kit because they are expensive and some of them are garbage.

I still do have three dioramas/room boxes that were gifted to me several years ago and now that I have a larger sewing room I can make a space to work on them.

They belong to a series called Street of Shops and they are top quality.....just beautiful and so easy to put's one of the boxes that I haven't opened yet...

There are three shops that you can decorate and fill with whatever you want. I was thinking that the corner one would make a nice pub......The Amesbury Archer.

I was pondering about the other two......bakery? or hat shop? or grocer? or antique shop?'s really hard to decide. What do you think?

Side bar.........I was looking for ideas and I came across this article about Barbara Streisand. Did you know she has a shopping mall in her basement? Some people have way too much money. There are pictures!!!!!

Take care:)


  1. Oh my goodness ~ I can't believe she has stores underneath her house. One would wonder how many people she could feed, homeless she could help. I'm sure she gives lots to charity ~ but still! Amazing!

    Happy Sunday Mary Ann!
    xo Catherine

  2. Thanks for joining my blog, glad to have found your blog too. Always nice too meet a fellow Canadian. I have one of the shops you have listed above and plan to make a apothecary shop with mine. It's apart right now and in need of repair but one day it will be done. jenn


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